Magically Suspended In Thin Air

Objects and stories share the same stage. Requiring no smartphones, no special glasses, and no learning curve.  Visitor focus is firmly on the object: with enjoyment, insight and appreciation.

Absolute clarity.




The technology is invisible, only the storytelling and the object can be seen. Seamless integration ensures the ColliderCase system never detracts from the object display. Sumptuous animated graphics and videos mean visitors can:

  • See inside objects
  • See how they work
  • See their history unfold
  • See their internal workings
  • See them come to life, or back to life
  • See fine detail that is easily missed
  • See hidden aspects and meanings
  • See missing parts
  • See objects reunited with related objects
  • See greater meaning in museum objects
"Stories surround and interact with objects in enchanting and enlightening ways."

ColliderCase creates a truly engaging learning experience. Objects are animated, their stories unfolding in a magical way.



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